Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Quick Update and Prayer Requests

While we don't have any news, persay, we have been taking some major steps forward.

We have had a lot of setbacks lately, and it has been discouraging. God has been using this time to show us that His timing is best, and even when things don't happen the way we want them to, we just have to remember that He is in control. It is our job to be willing, and His job to make it happen. Litterally, not thirty seconds after we had realized this, God gave us a major breakthrough. We are happy to report that it looks like things are starting to fall into place.

If you've been wondering how you can pray for us, let me give you a few ways. We are working on a "Pray for Us" tab for the top, but right now Blogger isn't publishing it. So in the mean time we'll keep you updated here.
  • Pray that God would give us guidance and provide people who will partner with us for our ministry.
  • Pray that God would help us to continually surrender everything to Him.
  • Pray against any attacks of the enemy against us and our ministry. Ask God to protect and bless it.
"Pray also for me, that whenever I open my mouth, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel," -Ephesians 6:19

Please remember to be praying for us! Thank you all so much!

~Bethany :) For the DancerZ With Grace team

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Where We've Been on the Web

The Ellerslie Passion Video: We weren't exactly sure how to describe this video, so we decided to make you curious by telling you that you'll just have to click on the link and find out what it's about for yourself!

Tenth Avenue North: This band is a mutual favorite of ours, and right now they're running a cool series on their website, called "The Story of Tenth Avenue North." While you're there, be sure to check out Mike's video journal for their new single Healing Begins!

BrambleBerry: Soapmaking supplies galore! While this link has nothing to do with our ministry, or anything spiritual about it, it's such a fun store we had to include it in the list. Be sure to check out their Melt and Pour shaving base and huge selection of fragrance and essential oils!

Tori for DWG

Friday, February 19, 2010


As you may have noticed on our old blog, we haven't been posting recently. That's because we were busy brainstorming where to take the ministry so it could be most effective. And once we had that settled, the holidays had us up and running. And when that season passed, we were so busy setting things up, researching, and planning we had to (again) push the blog back on our list of priorities. Well, we're still busy, but we've gotten everything sorted out (mostly, anyway) and the blog is now back in our plans!

You may remember our original goal was to minister to kids in single parent homes. While we still want to do that, our mission has slightly changed, at least during this season of our ministry. We have a new plan that we are very excited about.

DancerZ With Grace will let us use our individual talents and gifts more so than AOL (our previous ministry) would, and we believe, will be highly more effective. So, what is DancerZ With Grace? It's free dance classes for the kids (older elementary kids, to be exact) in our community who can't afford professional classes. We will be run on Christian principles, and will use this as an opportunity to not only teach these kids to dance, but to show them the grace of God at the same time.

What will happen to AOL? To be honest we're not quite sure yet. For now we're going to leave the blog up- but without decorations, so people will know it is no longer in use.

We'll keep you updated!