Friday, February 19, 2010


As you may have noticed on our old blog, we haven't been posting recently. That's because we were busy brainstorming where to take the ministry so it could be most effective. And once we had that settled, the holidays had us up and running. And when that season passed, we were so busy setting things up, researching, and planning we had to (again) push the blog back on our list of priorities. Well, we're still busy, but we've gotten everything sorted out (mostly, anyway) and the blog is now back in our plans!

You may remember our original goal was to minister to kids in single parent homes. While we still want to do that, our mission has slightly changed, at least during this season of our ministry. We have a new plan that we are very excited about.

DancerZ With Grace will let us use our individual talents and gifts more so than AOL (our previous ministry) would, and we believe, will be highly more effective. So, what is DancerZ With Grace? It's free dance classes for the kids (older elementary kids, to be exact) in our community who can't afford professional classes. We will be run on Christian principles, and will use this as an opportunity to not only teach these kids to dance, but to show them the grace of God at the same time.

What will happen to AOL? To be honest we're not quite sure yet. For now we're going to leave the blog up- but without decorations, so people will know it is no longer in use.

We'll keep you updated!